Our Staff


Kathleen, RDH

Kathleen started her dental life as an assistant.  When she realized that she really enjoyed the field she decided to further her education by atending the Dental Hygiene program at Hudson Valley Community College.  She graduated in 1995 and one year later she found herself here at Plattsburgh Dental Group.  Kathleen’s compassion, kindness and excellent skill level immediately made us realize how lucky we were to have attracted her to our office.  Whether she is working, cycling, hiking or just spending time with her family she always brings her smile with her.

She says, “Here I enjoy a terrific work environment that offers high quality, friendly care in a relaxing environment.  I have worked for Dr. Gerner since 1996 and have watched and experienced much growth in that time.  Dr. Gerner is dedicated to his staff and his patients while offering state-of-the-art technology.  We are a close-knit staff that enjoys spending time together outside the office.  I always enjoy meeting new people and hope that you will join our practice soon.”





Christine, RDH

Born in Wales, Great Britain, we are not exactly sure how she made it across the Atlantic but we’re unbelievably happy she did.  She graduated from the Hudson Valley Dental Hygiene program in 1995 and started working with us in 1998.  Her dedication to her patients is complete and obvious and she never seems to miss an opportunity to help our office follow her example.  This same focus is also apparent outside the office – whether she is doing yoga, biking, gardening or – most importantly – spending time with her family.

She says,” I enjoy being able to work in a relaxed and positive environment.  I believe Dr. Gerner has placed trust and confidence in the staff’s ability to provide quality patient care while quietly motivating us to excel.”





Tracy, Office Manager

Tracy G. started working for Plattsburgh Dental Group in 1986 – over twenty five years ago – as a dental assistant.  She became our office manager in 1993.  Her varied interests – cycling, skiing, music and being around her friends and family – are united by two common themes;   she is always willing to challenge herself and she won’t settle for less than her best.


She says, “Throughout my life my greatest joys and accomplishments have come from learning new things and challenging myself.  Plattsburgh Dental Group has fulfilled many of those needs.  I am grateful for the opportunity to represent a wonderful practice and an employer who believes in encouraging personal success in all his employees.”






Tracy, Administrative Coordinator

Tracy L. took our Dental Assisting course in 2001 but didn’t get around to joining our office until 2003.  She started as an assistant but is now an invaluable member who manages our front desk.  When she isn’t busy with the four million different tasks and distractions there – she handles our billing and insurance – effortlessly and cheerfully.  When she isn’t spending quality time with her family and many pets, she’s probably blasting them all out of her house with her music.

She says,  “I love having the kind of boss that you can discuss your interests with, joke around and still maintain a great professional relationship.  He really makes our jobs enjoyable.”





Kelly,Treatment Coordinator

Kelly came to us as a student in our dental assisting course in April of 2010.  Kelly wasted no time soaking up the information on assisting and proved that she could handle the job in a temporary position with us in June of 2010.  In May of 2011 Kelly took a full-time position with us as a treatment coordinator and she has continued to soak up information like a sponge and perfect her skills.   Our team feels complete with Kelly being an essential part of it!

In her spare time Kelly enjoys spending time with her son and reading good books.

She says, “Prior to working at PDG, I felt unfulfilled in the work force.  PDG has been a positive change in my life and I am grateful for the opportunities Dr. Gerner has provided for me.  I love it here and am here to stay!”






Kayla, Treatment Coordinator

Kayla came to our office through our dental assisting course in 2013. It didn’t take long for us to realize if there was an opening in our office, she would fit right in. When the chance came, we didn’t hesitate tracking her down. We are thrilled to have Kayla in our practice, she is a delightful member of our team and a joy to have around.   Kayla enjoys hiking, crafts, baking and spending time with her newly growing family. 

She say, “ I took Dr. Gerner’s “Dental Assisting” course and absolutely loved all the information.  I had the opportunity to cover for one of the assistants for a few months and I fell in love with dentistry and working with the people at Plattsburgh Dental Group. They hired me full time a while later and I am grateful to be working in such a fantastic environment. The patients that come to the office make working here even better and I would not trade another job for the one that I have been blessed with.”